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Chloe. 20. Wellington. Love me, peace.  elephants in the room
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Crossover idea, season two of orange is the new black- alice pieszecki is transferred to the prison in the middle of her sentence. Then we get the real story on who killed Jenny Schecter

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I just wrote on some paper with a real pen and now feel like I have given my right arm the ultimate workout of a bloody lifetime

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Speed Animation 101
Wanted to try some water so here is my first attempt.  it was actually really fun!  this took me about 45 minutes after watching some ref videos to try and get the viscosity correct…. played around with some of the timing too.  very different from animating smoke for sure.

rest in piece you hideous demon of a gigantifuckingnormous lie.

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gin + tonix in the shower

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need cuddles

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If you find yourself in NYC this weekend, check out all the great art at ‘Last Rites Gallery' - My piece showing is 'Heart Beet' pyrography, pastel, and natural pigments on wood (turmeric, kanku, indigo and beet) ~ 12” x 22” framed

Many Move the Painting Forward. 2014, Screen Printed Painting to Animated GIF.

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An experiment with colored pencils, vellum, and digital media. I will probably work on this piece more before I post it to my website, but it’s done for now. :] Completed for Illustration Techniques II.

A new UN climate report sheds light on the risks of climate change, including the loss of animal species.

My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

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